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Wolf Hudson Jerk off
WOLF HUDSON  SOLO                                                   JUNE 12,  2014
Wolf Hudson is in his usual horny self and doesn't matter where he's at or what he does... he's going to get off. Wolf walks over to a window and starts jerking off while being a peeping tom, but you'll get to see his action from his point of view. Wolf hasn't shaved his bush in a while and that's the way he likes it. He strokes his cock as has as he can so he doesn't get caught - just enough time to cum and run off.
                    DOMINICANPORN STAR

Wolf Hudson Pegging
                POV with Aiden Starr
WOLF HUDSON  & AIDEN STARR                                                     MAY 28,  2014
Here is the second edition of Wolf Hudson's POV series. This time, he's cock hungry. He wants to get fucked by a woman with a strap-on dildo. Wolf is hard and begging for you to peg him until he climaxes. He know that you've always fantasized about fucking him anally, so now heres you're chance to do it and watch him in enjoying every minute of it.

Dana DeArmond Ass
                Rimming Pussy Fisting Fuck Fest
WOLF HUDSON  & DANA DEARMOND                                                      MAY 14,  2014
What seemed like an ordinary day and another ordinary sex session between Wolf and Dana DeArmond, turned into a wild a raunchy fuck fest. Seriously... the inner beast came out of Dana and Wolf was in for the ride. Their chemistry is electric! Wolf devours her pussy and butt, which brings the insanity out. Dana returns the favor by swallowing his whole cock and rimming his butt. She shoves all her fingers in her pussy and makes him suck all the juices. They fuck in some crazy positions, only bringing her to submission. To quote her, "You're ruining me..." - pretty sure that's a GREAT thing.
                    PORN STAR

Wolf Hudson solo sex
                scene jerk off in mirror twin sex dildo sucking
                homoerotic homo erotic
WOLF HUDSON                                                                                         April 3,  2014
Wolf Hudson has always been known to be very fluid with his sexuality, and it's been years since he's engaged in homo-erotic escapades. But now he's making a big leap forward... well... close enough. He's doing a solo scene with the mirror image of himself. From kissing to caressing, mutual cock rubbing and dick sucking (with a dildo). It's about as close to gay as he'll venture and it's him gratifying and servicing... himself. Without the obvious mirror frame, this hot duo/solo scene is pretty close to the real thing of man-on-man action. Consider this small baby steps... in the right direction.
                    DOMINICAN PORN STAR

Wolf Hudson rimmed by
                anal super slut Ava Devine ass eating rim job sex and
                submission anal sex asian anal
WOLF HUDSON & AVA DEVINE                                    March 27,  2014
Wolf Hudson is not your average everyday man. And enjoys showing off things that are normally taboo and not seen to the world. With that in mind, here we have Wolf enjoying one of the few pleasures a lot of men are afraid to experience: anal rimming. Ava Devine loves that and she demonstrates her appetite by going down and licking his butthole and worshiping his cock. They dirty talk back to each other and Wolf really lets loose and spreads his legs for the tongue cleansing.
                    DOMINICAN PORN STAR

Red boots mastubation
                shoejob leather jock strap gay porn Wolf Hudson solo
                males uncut cock jerk off
WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                         March 20,  2014
Watch Wolf Hudson in his second installment of his POV series. Take a ride from Wolf's eyes while he masturbates in kinky red boots and a black leather jockstrap. He caresses himself and worships the boots like it's the sexiest thing in the world - like a beautiful woman. He attempts to make love to it by grinding his cock against the heals. He gets his kicks off when no one is watching being androgynous and now you'll have his point of view and love out his wildest fantasies.
                    DOMINICAN PORN STAR

Wolf Hudson POV
                masturbation huge uncut dominican cock
WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                         February 19,  2014
Watch Wolf Hudson like you've never see him before - from his point of view as he strokes and jerks his big Dominican uncut cock. All you'll hear is the moans and grunts of him relieving himself in his bathroom. Watch it go from flaccid to rock hard in realtime. He has guests over, so he has to get it done as soon as possible and explode in orgasm.
                    DOMINICANPORN STAR

Daisy Ducati Wolf
                Hudson Las Vegas porn fuck fest
WOLF HUDSON & DAISY DUCATI                                            February 5,  2014
Wolf Hudson continues to be a globetrotter as he heads to Las Vegas for a debaucherous encounter with gorgeous vixen, Daisy Ducati. She hires Wolf to be her play date for the evening - no questions asked. Ever the passionate lover, he embraces her with sweet kiss and to warm things up. He soon demonstrates his oral kills and licks her pussy with a powerful might. All the tenderness soon faded as they engage in some rough and hardcore fucking... and that exactly what she wants. He dominates every position and forcefully switches their fucking to anything that get him riled up.
                    PORN STAR

Wolf Hudson fucks
                horny MILF Erica Lauren cougar dominican gigolo porn
WOLF HUDSON & ERICA LAUREN                                              January 29,  2014
Wolf Hudson is an Dominican gigolo who's back in action - servicing the cravings of Erica Lauren. She's a hot cougar who's ready for a hard cock stud on a rainy Downtown Los Angeles afternoon. Wolf knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it; offering up mutual oral sex to get things warmed up.  They tease each other just enough so that they both become eager for intercourse. She submits to every thrust - laughing and smiling in sheer delight. She can't believe this is happening to her, but enjoys every minute of it. This session is in for much welcomed repeat in the near future.

Wolf Hudson Struggle
                in Bondage forced masturbation by Aiden Starr
WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                                 January 15,  2014
One never knows what lurks around in the dark - even in your own home. Wolf Hudson comes down the stairs of his loft, only to find a St. Andrews cross randomly appear in the living room. He's freaked out and with good reason - there's a stalker loose in the premises. He's paranoid and confused and soon he's trapped in the clutches of Goddess Aiden Starr's grip. He's ties to the cross and he's angry as hell and there's nothing he can do about. Aiden orders him to masturbate and ejaculate, knowing full well he can't as both hands are restrained behind his head.

Wolf Hudson Solo
                Scene Jerk off encouragement by Aiden Starr
WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                                 January 8,  2014
Wolf Hudson is a chronic masturbator and can't seem to cum when he jerks off. He seeks advice sex therapist Aiden Starr to help instill some sense into him. She tells him about an experimental German therapy - Jerk off Encouragement - that will do the trick - he has to jerk off until and can't do it anymore.   As the session progresses, he loses his inhibitions and starts moaning, feeling up his body and stroking faster on his rock hard cock. He  finally shoots out a huge load that completely convulses his body.

Wolf Hudson fucks
                Buck Angel Man with a Pussy
WOLF HUDSON & BUCK ANGEL                             December 25,  2013
This is the first FTM (female-to-male) transexual scene on WolfHudsonIsBad.com, featuring the onscreen pairing of Wolf and the FTM icon - Buck Angel. They are both cowboys in this western themed story.  Buck sucks on Wolf's meaty cock, completely inhaling it and leaving a hit mess. Moaning and salving every inch. Wolf returns the favor by sucking on Buck's pussy.  Wolf is overstimulated beyond belief, but that doesn't stop him. These studs are down for getting dirty and this man on man action is worth watching.

Mistress Aiden Starr
                forces Wolf Hudson to struggle in Bondage in a straight
WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                December 18,  2013
Mistress Starr runs a tight ship and whatever she says goes. She drags her slave Wolf into her closet; completely bound in a straight jacket and ball gag. She orders him to masturbate and climax by the time she arrives back. The Mistress knows he can't do it, but she sadistically takes joy in his struggle. Time is ticking away and with Wolf locked in the closet. He screams and struggles on the floor - trying to get out of the straight jacket. Does he cum? Whatever the outcome she punishes him with her secret weapon - her hitachi wand.  He's gonna take whether he likes it or not.

Sexy Vanessa Mistress
                dominates and fucks her slave boy Wolf Hudson
MISTRESS VANESSA & WOLF HUDSON                                 December 4,  2013
Mistress Vanessa is a woman of a certain age with an insatiable appetite for a love slave, young man. Wolf is the man for the job and he is happy to submit. She seduces him into get dungeon and immediately cuffs his hands.  She teases him with her all her assets: ass, breasts, lips, and of course... her juicy pussy. She speaks to him in Spanish from time to time, as she know he can't resist and lets Wolf know that SHE controls his uncut cock and that it is a privilege to fuck her. The tease and denial is excruciating for Wolf, but he only wants to make his mistress happy and fucks her until she gets every last drop.

Wolf Hudson jerks off
                in Aiden's panties
WOLF HUDSON  SOLO                                          November 27,  2013
Aiden Starr  has freshly washed and dried lace panties to put away and would never imagine that they would be the object of a predators obsession. And naive she is, because as soon as she leaves the room and turns off the light, that's when panty burglar Wolf Hudson comes out of the closet to molest her undergarments.  He sniffs Aiden's sweet smelling panties and slowly rubs it on his cock as he masturbates his uncut cock. With heaving moaning and eyes rolling back, Wolf jerks to climax... all over her panties and tucks them away

WOLF HUDSON & TORI LUX                                           November 13,  2013
Tori Lux is a woman in control and knows what she wants.  She wants a Latin gigolo to help her quench her horny desires in her San Francisco hotel, so she enlists Wolf Hudson to do just that.  Wolf soon presents himself to her and they immediately engage in foreplay – licking her pussy as instructed and slapping it to her liking. Tori continues her requests by commanding Wolf to throat fuck her and give him a steady, but forcefully sloppy blow job; to his delight. But as soon as her pussy is wet for his bug uncut cock, Wolf lets loose and unleashes is Latin fire and fucks her forcefully as she wants.

WOLF HUDSON & VERONICA AVLUV                November 6,  2013
Veronica Avluv is one evil step-mother and she knows it. She’s been stealing Wolf’s father’s money from right under him and so he took matter into his own hands.  He quickly took charge and pushed Veronica towards his cock.  Dominating her aggressively, he commands her to lick his balls and ass. That soon leads Wolf to pleasure his step-mothers pussy – sucking on it savagely, which in turn makes her squirt.  Veronica is so wet and ever the giver, she mounts her step-sons girth cock and lets him demonstrate his full might. Even with the lesson being taught, both of them are locked in a heated battle.

WOLF HUDSON & AUDREY ROSE  &  HENRY JACOB             October 16,  2013
Wolf travels to San Francisco to meet up with kinky real life married couple Audrey Rose and Henry Jacob for a dirty threesome romp. Both Wolf and Henry can't keep their hands of of her and use her as their own person rag doll. The main event is the double penetration and she gleefully takes the challenge, zoning almost to an otherworldly state. The three of them join forces and bodies to in such a passionate matter, they blur many lines and colors. Watch this explosive new update and see for yourself the hotness that radiates through the screen.

WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                                                   September 11,  2013
Wolf Hudson is a hungry man and doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s cooking food, but his lover (YOU) can’t resist and at the sight of his chubby cock getting hard. All you want to do fucks his brains out.    Wolf gives in, but not so fast – he’s only stroke it for you and verbally dominate you and tell you what to do. He teases you about being a brat and spoiling dinner with dessert (his cock).  He rubs his chest , slowly sliding his hands down his abs and reaching for his Dominican cock. He dangles his meat in front of you, fully aware that you want to scarf down on his uncut dick and licking his balls.

WOLF HUDSON & NIKKI DARLING STRAP-ON SEX                     September 4,  2013
Wolf Hudson and Nikki Darling have been wanting to hook up for a long time. They finally come together and you can literally taste the sexual tension. They each take turns going back and fourth, especially rimming each others ass. He fuck her, slamming his cock and making him quiver with every stroke, pulling on her long braided locks. But Nikki has a few tricks up her sleeve and pulls out her cock and makes him not only suck it, but fucks him in the ass.  He returns the favor by fucking her tight ass as well.

WOLF HUDSON SOLO                                                           August 28,  2013
By popular request, Wolf Hudson is getting wet and playing with myself for your viewing pleasure in the erotic shower scene. He enjoys himself in the shower all the time, but this is the first time he's giving you full access. Wolf starts off his grooming process by shaving his 5 o'clock shadow - making sure his face is smooth and clean. But that's just the beginning.   The soapy suds lube up his cock while the water trickles down his shaft and balls, only to make him really horny.

WOLF HUDSON & CHARITY BANGS                                                            August 21,  2013
Wolf came home for the weekend from college to see his family. His mother wants him to go to the beach with his stepsister Charity Bangs. He wants to stay home and study, but Charity will do everything in her power to get him out or else she'll get in trouble. She seduces him (even thought they're step siblings), and Wolf slowly succumbs to her advances.  Step-brother and step-sister engage in taboo sex that's unreal, but hard to look away.


WOLF HUDSON & PHOENIX MARIE                                                             August 7,  2013
It's a hot summer afternoon and Phoenix Marie  distracts Wolf from fiddling with his guitar so he can please her. It doesn't take much and soon they're groping and grinding against each other.  Phoenix soon takeover and takes Wolf's cock and sucks it, enjoying his balls and rimming his ass hole. Wolf fucks her every which way she desires, slamming his cock thoroughly against her dripping wet pussy.  Wolf has a gift for Phoenix: he gives her his ass for her to perform pegging. She sucks him of to warm him up and soon fucks his butt with a huge black dildo with Wolf loving every minute of it.

Sexy Vanessa
                  Cougar in a Tiki Bar

WOLF HUDSON & SEXY VANESSA                                                                July 17,  2013
Sexy Vanessa is on the prowl for young stud with a big cock and does just that by meeting Wolf in a tiki bar.  She goes straight for his big uncut cock and gives him a nice blow job that makes Wolf's eyes roll back. Girthy and hard, he delivers the favor and eats out her sweet pussy out, all the while she talks dirty to him in Spanish.  She's screaming with ecstasy and he's moaning feverishly.   Wolf Pops all over Vanessa and you can tell by her face that she's fully satisfied by this young stallion.


WOLF HUDSON, PROXY PAGIE, MICKEY MOD & TORI LUX                   June 19,  2013
Tori Lux heard that Proxy Paige was in the mood for a threesome while in Vegas, so she called Wolf and Mickey Mod to satisfy her delicious pussy and ass. This is Proxy's FIRST Double Penetration scene! With Wolf's help, she takes BOTH cocks in her ass at the same time, Tori's shock and amusement. Pounding and caressing each other, kissing her with no end in sight... they passionately unite and deliver the goods. Proxy's so stretched out, she even gets the chance to fist herself, while the boys take advantage of her.

Public Masturbation caught Wolf Hudson

WOLF HUDSON  SOLO                                                                                 June 19,  2013
Wolf Hudson is bad... I mean really BAD! He wants to take you into a restricted rail yard in Downtown Los Angeles with the desire for mutual masturbation. He promises you you both won't get caught, but that's exactly what happens. He leads you to another place and soon pants drop and Wolf's throbbing cock comes out.  His dirty talk is subtle, but with a punch. He teases you into submission, knowing full well you want to wrap your mouth and gag on his hard dick, aching for him to fuck your brains out.

Joslyn James
                  Mistress of Tiger Woods fucks her Step-son

WOLF HUDSON & JOSLYN JAMES                                    June 12,  2013
Joslyn James wants to be a good stepmother to her stepson, Wolf. She offers him a job at her office, per his fathers request, but she has other things in mind. She makes her stepson worship her feet. Licking, sucking, caressing and making love to the soles of her feet and pretty toes. Things escalate to fever pitch as Wolf heads to her pussy and eats her out. She returns the favor and sucks his meaty cock. This is too much for the two and they take over the whole office and fuck in every position possible, fucking everywhere.

Interacial 3
                  some cock swap Mickey Mod Wolf Hudson Maia Davis

WOLF HUDSON, MICKEY MOD & MAIA DAVIS                                      May 22,  2013
This interracial threesome is exciting in every dirty way possible. Maia gladly sucks both hung studs at the same time, making it juicy wet and hard as fuck. She screams and moans so loud, she can't contain herself. Wolf and Mickey fuck her brains out in every position they can think of: doggie, cowgirl, spoon, you name it… she's getting it. She even sneaks in ass rimming on Wolf!  Delicious ass, pussy, and cock spit swapping through passionate kissing by all three - savoring very tastebud. Both stud come huge loads and came so many times, we can't even count. A must-see!

Ava Devine
                  Ass eating anal fuck Wolf Hudson porn xxx

WOLF HUDSON AND AVA DEVINE                                                             May 15, 2013
Ava Divine is known for being really dirty and kinky, loving sex every which way possible. She can't get enough of it, especially anal sex.  They clearly have great sexual chemistry and they devour each other. She sucks his cock with fury and oozes saliva like waterfall. He eats her ass just to loosen it up, but it takes no time for his cock to slide in her big juicy butt and fucks her silly. From doggie, to spoon, and even pile driver, these two fuck like animals and Ava loves her ass pounded by his meaty cock. Wolf wants to cum so bad, he has Ava eat his ass while he shoot his hot load!

Wolf Hudson
                  smoking blowjob cuban cigar

WOLF HUDSON AND ALIA JANINE                                                               May 8, 2013
Taking you back to 1960s Miami during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, busty Alia Janine wants to buy the best Cuban cigars on the black market from latin stud Wolf. She doesn't have the money to pay him, which angers him for wasting his time. She offers to pay him with a sexual favor. She smokes the cigar and blows smoke on his cock; enjoying the taste of his Cuban cock. He fucks her with the cigar for a better taste and playing with her massive tits. It's intense, watching these two together while enjoying a good cigar. He squirts out a huge load on her breast.

                  Hudson cuckold with Kimberly Kane

WOLF HUDSON AND KIMBERLY KANE                                                                 April 24, 2013

Kimberly Kane can't have her way with her husband, because he's worthless and can't satisfy her every need. So she enlist a latin thug from the streets to fuck her. And for only $7, Wolf is game. She doesn't care how dirty this stud is, as long as she can humiliate her sissy husband. Not only does she verbally degradate him, but also makes him dress like a woman for having a tiny cock. Wolf fucks her every which way with his big cock and makes sure it's the best fuck $7 can buy. Kinky!

Wolf Hudson
                  Solo Scene Dildo

WOLF HUDSON AND PRESLEY HART                                                                     April 17, 2013

Family turmoil explodes with Wolf Hudson and his stepsister, Presley Hart. His mother (Aiden Starr) commands him to get rid of her for intruding in her relationship with Presley's father. But Wolf has a few ideas of his own and makes Presley an offer she CAN'T refuse. And so begins their torrid and twisted affair. From their passionate kissing, furocious foreplay and explosion fucking, their heat never dissipates. Wolf literally gives Presley the fuck of life. Who wins? Watch!

Wolf Hudson Solo Scene Dildo

                  Hudson Solo Scene CEI

                  Stone and Wolf Hudson Hairy Bush Sex
















Wolf Hudson
                  pegging strap-on sex with Jiz Lee
  Wolf Hudson pegging strap-on sex with Jiz Lee

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                  young MILF
  Wolf Hudson fucks Penny Barber - Hot young MILF

Jessie Cox
                  Tattooed petite blonde girl gets fucked by Wolf
  Wolf Hudson fucks petite blonde tattooed girl

                  fucks her stepson Wolf Hudson stepmother sex

                  Hudson is your dirty handyman solo jerk off gay scene

                  LaBeau and Wolf Hudson in romance style couples porn
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                  Hudson commands you to cum for him

Wolf Hudson
                  fucks Katie Summers

Wolf Hudson
                  Solo Masturbation


Francesca Le strapon fucks Wolf Hudson








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